With the start of the Lunar New Year, and the in honor of the “Day of Love”, TNVLC conducted a multi-faceted club-wide contest in the first two weeks of February. Valentimes required contestants to build a MOC that embraced the aspects of Love and/or Time.

The contest rules were as follows:

· Build something related to Valentimes. (Love, hearts, pink, a clock, dragons, etc.)

· Entry may not be larger than 16 studs by 16 studs at the base. Build as tall as you like.

This is also the first time TNVLC has conducted a contest where all club members were not judged against each other. Two separate categories of builders were identified, advanced and not advanced (we are still working on what to call each category). Advanced builders had some additional requirements for their builds and they are as follows:

· Our more advanced builders are forbidden from using Minifigures and must include a tire somewhere visible in their entry.

· Advanced builders should self-identify when submitting their entry. Honor system, here - you guys know who you are.

The opportunity to identify as an “Advanced Builder” was afforded to anyone in the club despite their building experience.

With 17 entries, the judging was difficult but, in the end, one advanced and one not advanced (really need to come up with a better term) winners were selected.

Honorable Mention

Cupid's Bow

Denise Graham - Nashville

Not-Advanced Winner

Garden Proposal

Sonja Kelleher - Huntsville

Advanced Winner


Jenn Garlen - Huntsville

Go to our Instagram account or Twitter account to see the other amazing entries and remember to leave a comment for your favorite one. Stay tuned for our next contest coming soon.