Huntsville Depot, July 14, 2012

Post date: Apr 06, 2012 10:15:23 PM

The Depot plan is coming together. The staff recently confirmed the public hours will be from 9AM-4PM. We can start setup at 7:30AM and will need to start tearing down at 3PM to be out of there by 4.

This year, Curt will be setting up his stop motion display in the film room.

In the main display area, we'll be setting up as usual while also providing some space for the junior clubs.

The above diagram is up to date to the best of my knowledge. Please let Pete know if there are any changes that need to be made.

For MOCs, and generally any display other than the train layout, I'd like to encourage labels containing the builder's name, club affiliation and a title and/or description of the MOC/display.

For the train & town display, Jennifer is planning to coordinate a "seek and find." Please send her your list for this.

This is a list of what we need to bring:

Charles: Monorail & table, Cube Solver, GBM, table skirt, standards, play brick, trains

Curt: Stop motion

Jared: Display & 2 tables

Scott: Posts, chain, speed controllers

Trey: MOCs, trains, giveaways

Jennifer: 3 tables, town & train section, MOC, giveaways

Pete: 4 tables, town & train section, trains, track for Adam & Samantha, business cards, play brick table

Chris: 1 table, town & train section

Samantha & Adam: Town & train section

Brian: 1 table, trains

Alex (junior club): 1 table, MOC

Nathan (junior club): 1 table, MOC

Some other ideas we've discussed incorporating into the show:

Labels highlighting interesting tidbits (piece count of certain features, etc.)

Chart of LEGO® terminology

Time-lapse videos of LEGO® builds

LEGO® CAD display/video