Summer Show, June 21-22, 2014

Post date: May 27, 2014 3:59:34 AM


Huntsville - Madison County Public Library


915 Monroe St SW

Huntsville, AL 35801


Saturday, June 21: 9 - 5 (public hours 9 - 4:30)

Sunday, June 22: 1 - 5 (public hours 1 - 4:30)

Public to be charged $5


Friday, June 20: 9 - 5

Click here for the thread on our Google Groups forum:

See the library's ad here.

New this year are 2 "fan favorite" awards for best MOC: One on the collaborative layout and one for a standalone MOC! Otherwise, this year's show should look fairly similar. We'll have a comparable collaborative layout, MOC tables, a play area and bingo.

The town and train layout will occupy more or less the same space it was in last year. While the column is a bit of an inconvenience, this just seems to be the best placement for traffic flow.

Town and Train Participants:

Bill: 1 table (Pete to provide track, Josiah to provide 1 32x32 building), GoPro train car

Brian Rippetoe: Trains

Caleb: 1 table

Charles: 4 tables, trains, controllers, post & chain

Chris: 3 tables, black banners

Josiah: 1 32x32 building

Le: 1 table (Pete to provide track)

Pete: 4 tables, trains, track for Bill & Le

If you have any updates, please let Pete know.

MOC Participants:



Jennifer: Prizes

Schusters: Table skirt

We'll also need the following:

4 tables for MOCs

Play brick