LEGO Space: Building the Future Book Review

Book Title: Lego Space: Building the Future

Author: Peter Reid and Tim Goddard

Published by: no starch press

Reviewed by: Josiah Blake

Lego Space: Building the Future brings the world of Lego space to life through an imaginative narrative based off of the original Lego space theme, coupled with scenes illustrating the story that are made completely out of Lego bricks. The book begins with a history of human spaceflight; from sputnik to the modern space program, before transitioning to a summary of future spaceflight and creation of the Federation. The creations featured in this book are all based around the theme of classic Lego space, including modern interpretations of several original sets. Themes featured in the book include: Classic space, Blacktron, Exploriens, Space Police, and Ice Planet. Each theme has at least one chapter which explains how it fits in with the rest of the story, as well as giving better views of the models used. The book does a wonderful job of tying all of the individual themes together to form a cohesive and original story. With the exception of lighting effects, everything used in the book is made entirely out of Legos, including ships, space stations, and alien landscapes.