NormalPalooza, November 9, 2013

Post date: Oct 26, 2013 12:33:56 PM

This is our second appearance at NormalPalooza. We were such a hit last year that we've been given an entire stage instead of a tent! Still, compared to some of our shows, space is limited so we're focusing on a small display while leaving room for plenty of play brick, which is the main attraction.


Public: 10AM-5PM (Eastern)

Load in: 7AM - 9:30AM (Eastern) It gets crowded, so it's important to unload early then get the vehicles out of the way.


1219 W. Mississippi Ave

Chattanooga, TN 37405


Jennifer: 1 table, creepy theme, table skirt, banners, business cards, event support package

Chris: 1 table, creepy theme

Pete: 1 table, town theme, track for Le, controllers, trains, extension cords

Le: 1 table, town theme

Will & Caleb: Puzzle, MEGAfig MOC

Charles: Chain, 6 standards, play brick - lots of play brick!

Provided by organizers:

20 Chairs

2 Large folding tables for play brick

Here's a photo of the stage area: