The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book

The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book, published by No Starch Press, Inc in 2016. The hardbound book contains 213 high-quality glossy pages with 15 unique designs, each with detailed build instructions. The models range from the simple Poinsettia, Snow Flake and Wreath to more advanced models like the Present, Christmas Tree and Gingerbread House.

Book Review: The LEGO Christmas ORnaments Books

Review by: Will Ellett (( @flobbit ))

Publisher: No Starch Press

Review Date: November 27, 2016

Recently, TNVLC was offered the chance to review a new book on LEGO Christmas Ornaments. As I flipped through the book, I recognized some of the ornaments. I thought to myself "SOMEONE RIPPED OFF POWERPIG!!!". I was delighted when I discovered that the book was actually written by Chris McVeigh. I have followed Chris' (AKA powerpig) work online for years. His work is creative and I have learned a lot from his designs. I really enjoy his Brick Sketch creations.

I come from a family of LEGO fans and builders. We are always looking for new ideas for Christmas decorations and our first stop is always He has a plethora of building guides including technology, gaming, holiday and more. A few years ago my oldest son built Chris' "My First Computer, Byte Edition" (Macintosh) for my birthday. I still have it proudly displayed at work.

Each of the step-by-step guides are well rendered and easy to follow. Even if you do not have all of the parts for a given design in your collection, you can often substitute the element without sacrificing the look of the design.

The book is a perfect compliment to your LEGO collection and a great gift for all ages. I highly recommend added it to your collection!

Be sure to check our Chris' website and instagram for more holiday designs!