Trailer Park Standard

The Trailer Park Standard is a design for building a Minifigure scale modular trailer park using LEGO bricks. It was designed by Marty Mitchell of the Tennessee Valley LEGO Club in 2020. This design has been shared with the public for free use, with the goal of inspiring builders to make their own creations.

The design includes options for building parts of the park on full (32x32 stud) baseplates with the goal of individuals being able to build as many or as few trailers, roads, and driveways as they wish. The resulting trailer park is a collaborative build that can be as big or small as desired.

Click the brick below to see and download the TNVLC Trailer Park Standards. We are proud to provide these instructions free of charge to the global community. We would also love to see the finished product on all forms of media if you choose to build it. We do just ask that you tag TNVLC on your social media posts and ensure you specify that the tree was designed by TNVLC with a link back to our site so others may share in the joy of this build. Thank you for understanding and happy building.