Ever wonder how we get all these bricks? This page is for you! There are several ways to find the elements you need to build your own creation.

LEGO Pick-a-Brick (Online) - Convenient and decent selection though prices can be high.

LEGO Pick-a-Brick Wall - Found only in LEGO brick and mortar stores. Purchase by the cup or sometimes by the box. Prices are typically very good, but selection is limited and changes from time to time and store to store. - If LEGO has produced it, you can find it here. This is a large collection of small stores. The variety of parts is vast, but prices can vary from great to extremely expensive, depending on the store and availability. Shop around to find the best deal.

Join a LUG! - LEGO User Groups, such as this one, that are fortunate to be recognized by the LEGO Group, get to participate in various programs which make acquiring bricks easier.

Ever wonder just how much a Pick a Brick cup can hold? What if you're looking for a LOT of parts? Some stores will allow you to purchase by the box. These are the same boxes the store uses to fill their Pick a Brick wall. See below for typical quantities you'll find in these containers. Note: Pick a Brick cup quantities are based on the large cup and represent the number of elements that can fit with only light shaking to pack the elements in.

As of 2014, the price for a large cup is $15.99 while a box will set you back $100. Except for the 2x8 brick, these prices appear to work out to roughly the same price per piece. In the case of 2x8 bricks, there appears to be about a 10% savings purchasing by the cup.


Size: Cup qt, Box qt (- where quantity is unknown: contact us if you know!)

2x8: 45, 250

2x6: 55, 350

2x4: 95, 630

2x3: 140, -

2x2: 210, -

1x4: 200, -

1x2: 450, 2700

1x1: 990, -


Size: Cup qt

1x2: 1150

1x2 with 1 stud: 1270

1x1: 2380


Size: Cup qt

2x2: 750

1x4: 670

1x2 1550