We regularly stage large public exhibits which highlight a variety of interests within the LEGO hobby. As we place a high value on creativity, the vast majority of our models are custom, one-of-a-kinds. You might recognize some stock LEGO® sets, but these tend to be in the minority.We are perhaps best known for our large scale, collaborative Town & Train layouts. Many individuals work together to make these possible with planning that typically begins months in advance. Following a plan which details the table and track layout, members assemble sections in their homes ahead of time. The complete display is assembled at the event site typically no more than a day in advance.

Our exhibits have also grown to include standalone models, or MOCs (My Own Creations) as they're called in the hobby, Mindstorms creations such as Rubik's Cube solvers and Great Ball Contraptions to name a few, stop motion animation workshops on occasion, play areas for kids and from time to time, LEGO giveaways! As a result, our events are well attended and we try our best to advertise them effectively so that our friends and fans can find us easily. The best way to stay informed of our schedule is to either subscribe to our calendar on this website or simply visit us on Facebook.