Southerland Station Open House, December 3 & 4, 2011

Post date: Nov 14, 2011 11:6:36 PM

Setup: Friday, December 2 from 5PM - 8PM, though anytime during the week is permissible.

Show hours: Saturday December 3 from 9AM - 5PM, Sunday December 4 from 1PM - 5PM.

Teardown: Sunday December 4 from 5PM - 8PM, or Monday during business hours.

Participants & responsibilities:

Pete -

4 tables, airport layout, trains, playbrick table, 3 roadplates for Chris

From Scott: Chain, 4 posts, 2 high power controllers


1 table, town layout


Town buildings


3 tables, 2 for her town layout, 1 for Le’s plus baseplates and track for Le’s module, trains, banner.

From Franklin: Car & trees


1 table, monorail layout, trains, playbrick and playbrick table, extra track for Chris, table skirt, 4 posts, 1 high power controller.


Trains, extra track for yard, auxiliary display table with skirt.