BrickFair Guide

This guide is for new exhibitors making their pilgrimage to BrickFair. Hopefully this guide will help you on your journey.

In order to attend the full AOFL BrickFair event, you need to create an account. Visit and register. Fill out the form and shortly you will get an email confirmation from the BrickFair Robot. Click the link in the email so you can access your account.


Now you can register each person in your party that will be attending BrickFair. Next click on the "Register a Person" tab:

Fill in the name you are registering (you will need to repeat this for each person going with you. Note that you can put anything you want on the Badge Name & Third brick which will be engraved on your badge. (IMPORTANT: You must pay by the posted deadline to get an engraved name badge.)


Once you have registered you need to mail a check to BrickFair (Todd Webb):

When your check is received and applied, you'll receive an email from the BrickFair Robot acknowledging payment:


BrickFair is about FUN! The games are great and now that your registered and paid, you can enter to play the games. To register for games, click the "Games" link on the left side of the page. From there, you can pick the game(s) your interested in and click the "CHOOSE REGISTRANT" drop-down. Pick the person in your party that wants to play the game. You can click multiple people in your group separately (meaning, you can't multi-select, you have to your first person, then click "CHOOSE REGISTRANT" again and select the second person and so on.)

If you changed your mind and do not want to participate in a given game, just click the X and "Un-signup".

Just because you enter a game does not mean you will be selected. From the FAQ:

Typically, more people sign-up than there are seats at games. The computer will attempt to shuffle players into their preferred games; you are more likely to be seated at your #1 pick than your #2. Sign up for all games in which you are interested (on the games page), then ensure your selections are properly sorted (above). Sign up for as many games as you wish; there is no benefit to limiting your sign-ups.

You can, however, choose the order of your selects from most desired to least. To change the order, go to the Games page on your account. Click the "Rearrange" button, then drag your favorite game to the top of the list.

Badge & Avatar:

Your exhibitor admission ticket is your BrickFair Badge. You can change what is on your Badge by going to your account page. To change the words on your badge, click the "Edit" button. (IMPORTANT: You can only make changes until the badge is engraved!)

New for 2015! This year the folks at BrickFair added a special brick called an Avatar which will be a graphic printed on a 2x4 white tile. You can use this Avatar on your badge or in your display! Be sure to bring extra bricks so you can add the Avatar to your creations. To add an Avarar graphic, click the "CHANGE" link. (NOTE: This will not likely be a yearly feature at BrickFair.)




One of the best parts of BrickFair is when exhibitors like yourself bring MOC's!! To help the BrickFair organizers know just how much space to set aside for MOC's like yours, you should register your MOC in the My MOCs tab of your account. Specifying your theme or collaborative helps organizers plan for table space. But you're not married to this decision. If you decide a different theme is more appropriate, you can always edit your MOC. Also, once you arrive at BrickFair it is okay to change your mind (or a Theme Leader may change your mind for you).

Click the "Register a MOC" button and you will be walked through the steps.

1) On the first page choose the Creator name from the drop-down list. Be sure to include a title and Description ("Thoughts"). Click "Next"...

3) On the next page you will enter how large the MOC is (32/48 stud baseplate, or by dimensions. Then click "Next"...

4) The next page will ask if you have "Any urgent setup issues?". If your MOC is freestanding on the ground (too big for a table), include that information here. Otherwise, lets continue. Click "Next"...

5) On the next page you can enter your MOC in the Brickee trophy competition. Read over the considerations and if you think you qualify to have your MOC voted on, click the box next to "Exclude from voting". Now click "Submit MOC" . . . and your DONE!

2) On the next page you will choose a Theme for your MOC. Also, If you are traveling to BrickFair with club that has their down display, might be instructed by your club leaders to choose your group from the "Collaborative" drop-down list. Click "Next"...

You can add a photo of your MOC or edit any part of the registration. You can also delete the entry by clicking the "Edit" button.


If you would like to help at BrickFair (you must be 18 or older), go to the Volunteers page and look at the openings remaining. If you are interested in working the Check-In desk, Bingo Helper or Bingo Runner, click the "complete helper list" at the bottom of the page. You can simply click the time-slot your interested in working and "CHOOSE REGISTRANT" from the drop-down list. If you would like to be a Theme Leader, Host a game, or lead a Seminar, click the "contact us" like on the top of the volunteer page.

Your shirt will be waiting for you at the Check-In desk. You will also receive an email from the BrickFair Robot with more instructions on your Volunteer position.


When you arrive on Thursday or Friday you can stop by the Check-In desk (check website for Check-in hours). You will receive your

Hope this basic guide was helpful. If you see something you still have questions about, use the "Contact Us" link on this website and I'll update the guide and add more details.