Art of LEGO Scale Modeling

Book Review: The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling

Review by: Ed Bardet (aka) Knotian

Publisher: No Starch Press

Review Date: October 18, 2015

For the enthusiast that admires the beauty of Lego scale model vehicles, and spends a lot of time viewing (and drooling) over the 'net, this book is a great 'coffee table' book to show others the draw of our hobby. (Obsession?) There are illustrated chapters on Trucks, Ships, Aircraft, Racing, Heavy Equipment, Trains, Military and Cars. All kidding aside, this book has pictures of some excellent models combining Technic and brick components. Multiple views, some with interior / construction details. One shows the builders modules split out and the final car. One Volkswagen Workshop, shows an excellent model combining both Technic and brick elements where the unique characteristics of both are shown. The Aircraft chapter shows several examples of smooth, few studs showing, and studded models. This shows that the essential elements of a model can be well shown in a studded model. Now here comes the reviewer's personal bias. Pages 187 through 198, out of 204, are what I was looking for. This is the “How It's Done” Chapter. Subjects such as Designing, Determining Scale, and Presentation are just a few of the paragraphs presented. While not too many details are given, this serves as a thought provoker for anyone thinking about a scale model of “Presentation” quality. This book, along with a 400 plus page assembly instruction book will definitely be on my coffee table.