GFLUG - Greater Florida LUG

MCLUG - Magic City LEGO® users Group in Birmingham, AL

NILTC - Northern Illinois LEGO® Train Club



MILS - Modular Integrated Landscaping System

Micropolis - TwinLUG Micropolis Standard

Habitats - BrickFair Habitat Standard

L-Gauge - L-Gauge Modular Standard (Train focused)

MultiRoad - MultiRoad Standard (part of L-Gauge added)

TNVLC Trailer Park Standard by Marty Mitchell

New Road Plates?

Member's Personal Sites




News and Publications

Beyond the Brick - LEGO® related YouTube channel

BrickJournal - LEGO® related publication

Brother's Brick - LEGO® related blog

Mike Doyle - Blog. If you've never heard of Mike Doyle, well... Just click the link!

Model Building Secrets - Blog

RAILBRICKS - LEGO® railroading publication

Toys N Bricks - International LEGO® related news

Blocks - Blocks Magazine

HispaBrick - HispaBrick Magazine

Past Venues

BrickFair, Alabama - LEGO® convention at the BJCC in Birmingham

Historic Huntsville Depot - Huntsville's historic restored train depot

Huntsville Madison County Public Library - Main branch in downtown Huntsville

Normal Park Museum Magnet - NormalPalooza outdoor arts & music festival held in Chattanooga, TN

Southerland Station - Huntsville toy, train, art and engineering supply store.

Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum - Chattanooga, TN railroad museum and train rides.

EarlyWorks - EarlyWorks Children's Museum


BlueBrick - Layout planning software

Brickset - LEGO® set guide and forum

Bricksmith - Mac based LEGO® CAD software

Building Instructions - Direct from the LEGO® Group

The Classic Castle - Great source of ideas and techniques

LDraw - LEGO® CAD standard: part libraries, etc...

LPub - Instruction generator tutorial

MLCAD - PC based LEGO® CAD software

Peeron - LEGO® set data, part inventory, etc...

Peeron Color Chart - LEGO® color information

PicToBrick - Mosaic software

Retr0bright - Restores old yellowed LEGO® bricks


altBricks - Foliage in a variety of outstanding colors

Big Ben Bricks - Aftermarket wheels (steam engines)

Bricklink - The "eBay" of LEGO®

BrickPrinter - Custom engraving and printing on LEGO® bricks

Chrome Brick City - Huge selection of chromed bricks

LEGO Shop at Home - The source for LEGO® products!

LEGO Store - Nashville, TN - View the latest special events and offers

LifeLites - Aftermarket lighting

BrickStuff - More aftermarket lighting