Mini-Golf Standard


This is designed to be modular so that people can build as little or much as they want.

The base is the standard plate - Brick - Plate that we use for other MILS modulars. Use a technic brick in the center of the side to allow the modules to snap together.

All builds should be in 16 by 16 studs increments. So you can build a 16x16, 16x32, 32x32, or even a 32x32 “L” shape.

Each build can be one hole or an entire 18-hole course. Builders can also add street vendors and shops that could fit easily on a 16x16 layout.


The key to this is collaboration. Whether a builder is constructing a single hole or several, builders are encouraged to reach out to other builders to collaborate so the holes are arranged in a way to ensure the end of a hole lines up with the start of the next hole.

Builders should also coordinate the tile pattern and layout for paths connecting the holes. One builder's path should not lead into the center of another builder's hole.


Claim a Theme! Send a message to the club stating what theme you intend to build. This doesn’t mean that only one person can have a theme. It means that you can collaborate with others in designing multiple holes using the same theme.

Example themes include, but are not limited to; Pirates, Space, Friends, Zoo, etc.


There is no right or wrong way to build a course. However, the sizes and basic construction are requirements. The building instructions below show the basic construction of a hole.

Holes can be designed just like this or the design can be used as a template. Let your imagination run wild.

Hole builds may have different levels and features. They can incorporate movement using batteries and motors. If this is done though, the base should be made taller to hide the battery box and motors and provide room for the gear mechanisms.


The club would like to get enough participation to provide a decent-sized display. This could become an entire family fun center. Other facilities and activities could be included, such as restrooms, snack vendors, concessions, arcade games, go-carts, batting cages, bumper boats, etc.


We are proud to provide these instructions free of charge to the global community. We would also love to see the finished product on all forms of media if you choose to build it. We do just ask that you tag TNVLC on your social media posts and ensure you specify that the tree was designed by TNVLC with a link back to our site so others may share in the joy of this build. Thank you for understanding and happy building.

Pirate collab build by David and Doug

Click the brick below to see the file with the basic standard example. Check back often for updates as the club continues to build on this standard.