LEGO Build-It Book, Vol. 2

This volume offers ten unique ways to create a fabulous vehicle from one LEGO set, the LEGO Creator Super Speedster (#5867). It also illustrates the specific parts and quantities on a Bill of Materials. The instructions are as clear as any instructional book you'll find. The print quality of the book is exceptional. Also, the size, clarity and colors of the drawing elements are particularly good for my son, who is visually impaired. Each vehicle has unique features and most have articulating parts, all drawn from specialty pieces within the same brick set:You can build a Hot Rod with a V-8 engine, large exhaust pipes, and radiator. Its doors open and there’s plenty of room for a minifig driver.The Gran Turismo makes use of curved pieces in all the right places to produce an aerodynamic shape, along with a neat spoiler. It’s a low rider with sleek lines and racing stripes.A sharp slant angle for the Chopper’s front wheel makes it easy to look at. It’s an “easy rider” with high handlebars, with a moving steering wheel. It’s an example of how intricate you can build with a handful of bricks.

The Roadster model is classic, with a creative approach for the fenders. It features an open top, long tapered nose, and a detailed interior.

The Dune Buggy is awesome. It shows off a rear engine, shock absorbers, a roll bar, spotlights and a sporty rear wing.

The F1 Racer is long and sleek, and makes very good use of the curved pieces. It has air intakes along with front and rear wings.

Book Review: LEGO Build-It Book, Vol. 2 by Nathanaël Kuipers and Mattia Zamboni Review by: Timothy Atkins

Date: November 07, 2013

You can also build heavy equipment models for construction and hauling:- The Wrecker is sturdy and functional, with a long wheelbase and high clearance. It displays a large grille and a lifting crane.- The Forklift has an open cabin and large headlights. The forks actually tilt and fold!- The Big Rig has a huge grille, mud flaps and mirrors. The doors open, and the entire cabin tilts forward.- You’ll enjoy the moving parts on the Excavator: a rotating turret, front blade, and articulating arm with dipper and bucket.The authors also devote some pages to describe building tricks, and special tips to consider when building vehicles. As you study the construction for these vehicles and go through the process, you’ll be stimulated to "think outside the box" - like as the authors obviously did when they created these magnificent machines!