About Us

Tennessee Valley LEGO® Club (TNVLC) is a Recognized LEGO User Group, or RLUG for short (often shortened further to “LUG”). This means that our organization is officially recognized by the LEGO Group, which affords us certain perks as well as places certain restrictions and requirements on us as an organization.

TNVLC consists of two chapters; Huntsville, AL, and Nashville, TN. These are occasionally abbreviated as HSV and NSH, respectively, though these are not official. Each chapter operates with a certain amount of autonomy, but all are considered equal parts of the club itself. Neither chapter is considered the “main” chapter.

Our members’ interests span the full range of LEGO® themes, including Castle, City, Mindstorms, Space, Technic, Trains, and many more.

If you are interested in learning more about our history, click the blue brick.  If you are interested in learning more about a specific chapter, click the corresponding yellow brick (Under Construction, but you can check them out right now!).

Too far away? Check here to find an RLUG near you! 

TNVLC President: Willie Neblett, Jr.

TNVLC Treasurer: Roger McLauchlan, Jr.

The Knoxville Chapter of TNVLC has branched off and created its own LUG, KnoxvilleLUG.  Individuals interested in Joining KnoxvilleLUG can either go to https://notionforms.io/forms/knoxville-lug-application or email Andy Bliss, KnoxvilleLUG President, at blissbrickstudios@gmail.com.