Reading is FUNdamental!

In an effort to build a traveling Library “show”, TNVLC hosted their third annual “Build-a-book” contest. This was a slightly longer contest lasting two months and required members to build a scene from a book that could be displayed at a local library. This year the club got the most entries, eighteen, all of which captured the essence of the contest and truly brought to life some classic and obscure books.

The contest rules were as follows:

· All entries must be a new build.

· All entries can be no larger than a 32x32 baseplate cubed (10x10x10). There is no minimum size.

· Entries may be multiple builds, but they count as one entry.

· It must be LEGO and child-appropriate. The intent is to display these in multiple Libraries throughout the TNVLC area.

· It may NOT contain spoilers for the book.

· It MUST be sturdy enough to travel.

· You may choose any book you want and multiples of the same book will be judged independently.

· It must be based upon a book or a series. Graphic novels are okay, comic books are not, but we'd really like it to be based upon a book that could be checked out of the library.

· You must have a copy of the book to display alongside your MOC.

Members had an opportunity to judge each other’s build and although the results were close, three builds stood out amongst the rest.

Honorable Mention

Michael Godbold – Knoxville, Afternoon in the Amazon.

Michael’s detailing in the trees and use of texture in the water truly made us feel like we were on a boat ride through the Amazon.

3rd Place

Jenn Garlen - Huntsville, Treasure Island

Jenn’s use of sectioning of the ship and variations in the cheese wedges in the water showed advanced building and technical skills. Additionally, her use of the tiling around the edge of the build and on the inside of the ship truly made this a clean and polished display.

2nd Place

JD Birdwell - Nashville, Three Little Pigs

JD proved to everyone that he can actually build with this MOC. His use of color and variation in texture showed skill and expertise (although rumor has it, he may have had some assistance 😉).

1st Place

Katie Mitchell - Knoxville, The Lorax

Katie proved, yet again, why she is the “Modular Queen” with this amazing MOC. Her use of color and texture truly brought this book to life. Furthermore, the addition of the background with the words from the book was truly inspirational.

Great job to all our winners and everyone who entered this contest. Now we just need to start putting these on display in some libraries.

Go to our Instagram account or Twitter account to see the other amazing entries and remember to leave a comment for your favorite one. Stay tuned for our next contest coming soon.