Mama Don't Take My Monochrome

The Nashville Chapter's September build contest was "Mama Don't Take My Monochrome," where members had to construct a MOC using only one color.

The rules were:

  • Your build must be a single color throughout, even hidden bricks

  • It can have a footprint no larger than 256 studs squared - 16x16, 8 x 32, etc. (The base does NOT have to be that large, but it can't be larger).

  • There is no height limit, but the MOC must remain within the 256-studs-squared limit all the way up.

We didn't have quite as many entries as we'd have liked, but what we had were amazing!

Honorable Mention

Suzanne's use of Orange pieces led to her stunning entry.

Third Place

Charla's "Red" is devilishly awesome!

Second Place

David's "Light Grey" Nativity placed second with it's simplicity.

Note: The yellowing you see on some of the bricks is sun-damage that happens to the older, light and dark grey bricks after being on display for too long.

First Place

Jenn's "White" wall-hanger is impressive in it's scale, and well deserves first place.

Thanks to everybody who entered and weren't pictured here. Stay tuned for the results of the next contest, a club-wide LEGO Shop of Horrors!