Southerland Station Open House, December 5 - 6, 2009

Post date: Jan 24, 2010 10:34:35 PM

On December 5-6, 2009, TVLTC exhibited its largest club layout to date, also likely the largest LEGO display ever in Alabama. The 30'x18' L-shaped layout was shown at the Southerland Station annual holiday open house and featured a roundhouse and rail yard, train station, nuclear power plant, amusement park, and a church with backlit stained glass windows. Four 9V track loops plus 12V and Monorail lines provided plenty of action. Nine TVLTC members built the primary sections of the layout, but in addition many family members and friends lent their assistance during the building process on Friday and also during the show.

Always a crowd pleaser, the nuclear plant made a reappearance this year, accompanied by some dramatic scenery.

Amidst club members requests for a larger rail yard, the yard area was enlarged to about 15 feet long at this show. Some want it larger, still!

The layout featured a Mindstorms NXT-controlled automated train crossing. The signal tower held the NXT brick and servo motor.

The rail yard featured a roundhouse and passenger car shop.

Here is the rarely-seen back side of the car shop:

A section of the layout featured a city street with a church - and Santa!

Here's a better view of the church. The church is lit from the inside in order to illuminate the stained glass windows.

Nearby, Santa is visiting with the children to find out what they would him to bring them...

The dark red bank and grand train station have been a recurring feature of several TVLTC shows.

Another view of the big red bank. It's based on a real bank in Huntsville!

Visitors to the open house marvel at the network of monorails and 12V and 9V trains.

A Santa Fe Super Chief train streaks past the multi-level monorail layout.

Three systems, one shot: monorail, 9V, and 12V trains all pose for the camera.

Several TVLTC members collaborated to construct a "Disneyland" amusement park section for the layout.