Southerland Station Open House, December 3 - 4, 2011

Post date: Dec 05, 2011 2:13:24 PM

The Tennessee Valley LEGO Train Club returned to Southerland Station for another enjoyable weekend this year. This event sports something of a convention atmosphere with multiple displays including traditional model railroads, vintage erector sets and a couple of rooms for LEGO creations. Like the gracious hosts they are, Mr. Metzger and the entire Southerland Station staff always make us feel like an integral part of their success and we always have a good time.

This year's display was a little bittersweet as it was TVLTC's first public show since the departure of our former president and founders Jordan and Kristina. I think we rallied well though with a solid town display anchored on one end by Charles' always impressive and now famous monorail tower. The theme reflected the season of Christmas with light snow on the ground, a parade and a brief visit by a certain VIMF (Very Important MiniFig) sporting a red suit and white beard at the local airport.

Special thanks to Charles, Chris, Franklin, Jennifer, Le, Samantha, Scott, Trey, the whole Southerland Station crew and everyone that stopped by to visit for making this display a success!