Southerland Station Open House, December 1 & 2, 2012

Post date: Dec 04, 2012 4:43:34 PM

The Tennessee Valley LEGO Club returned to Southerland Station for our 5th annual show as a club! Did you know the beginning of the club can be traced even further back? This was the 9th year at Southerland's for the Drensek's, who are some of our charter members. Speaking of members, this show saw perhaps our highest level of participation ever with 13 members either participating or contributing. That's an encouraging sign of support from within and it puts us on good footing heading into 2013, which has some really exciting and ambitious events planned!

Coming off the momentum of our summer show, this show continued the theme of diversity. While we featured our largest Southerland Station town & train layout ever, coving 200 square feet, we also filled an entire wall with MOCs which included the ever popular technic section featuring the growing Great Ball Contraption and Rubik's Cube Solver which entertained the 1000+ visitors we had over the weekend.

These photos are a bit limited, but Chris has an extensive collection on his Flickr account. Please check them out too.

Jared continued his WWII theme with a recreation of the "Crossing of the Rhine."

In addition to the fantastic Ninjago MOC seen above, Caleb debuted in the town & train layout with this great module including brick built sidewalk and street.

Our newest member, David Bissell contributed a table to the train layout which fit right in to the town theme.

We also welcomed Scott back with his excellent town displays.

Participation was so high, Pete scaled back quite a bit but still found room for the Regions Center and brought some of his trees featuring fall foliage from altbricks.

Le outdid himself with a full table that the whole family worked on. Anchoring his display was an impressive hospital plus parking garage.

Jennifer's section was a huge hit, with an amazing beach scene that sadly reflected the weather we've had this December...

After relaxing on the beach, Santa found his way into Chris' growing town which covered 2 tables this time and featured an impressive harbor.