SOKY BookFest

TNVLC was invited to participate in the Annual Southern Kentucky (SOKY) Book Fest in Bowling Green, KY at the Western Kentucky University.

"SOKY Book Fest is one of the state's largest literary events and is presented by WKU Libraries, Warren County Public Library, and Barnes & Noble Booksellers. " (

With this being the first time the club has had the opportunity to display at this event, the club only brought a few tables of MOCs and two tables of Play Brick.

After the first day of the Book Fest it was quickly realized that the kids and adults alike were extremely interested in the MOCs, especially the Book builds displayed from the recent contest the club hosted.

JD's monochrome jeeps were a hit with all the kids. They especially enjoyed naming off each color!

Jarvis' garage MOC was the envy of every man who viewed it. If only we all could afford a garage like that.

Willie's Justice League "MINI" Figures were a HUGE hit, as always. The writer just has to question if Willie's name is placed at Superman's feet for a specific reason??

Triple D's Village MOC encouraged every person that came by to break out their old bricks and make them look this good.

Brian's collection of Brick Headz challenged kids and adults alike to try and identify all the different characters.

As with every even, the club had two large piles of blue 2x4 bricks for kids to create their own MOCs. This is just a sample of the great creations they came up with.

This is Boris, the Mascot for the Bowling Green Library. Some might say he is the inspiration for things to come!!!

Overall, this was a great show and expanded the reach of the TNVLC to an area that had been out of reach for quite some time. We all look forward to seeing another great display in the very near future.