NormalPalooza, November 9, 2013

Post date: Nov 10, 2013 11:22:15 PM

On what turned out to be a chilly and overcast fall Saturday, the Tennessee Valley LEGO Club returned to a warm welcome at our second consecutive NormalPalooza. Last year was such a success that we were given a prime spot next to the music stage this time. This provided ample room to setup a nice display while spreading out the play brick tables.

Bill, Charles, Chris, Le and Pete hit the road early in the morning and were setup in time for the 10AM start. The weather seemed to result in a smaller crowd compared to last year, but attendance was still estimated to exceed 1000.

Once again, the play brick proved to be a huge hit! We were fortunate to have both standard and hero factory parts available which we placed on separate tables. As expected, these saw lots of activity throughout the day and it was interesting to see how some kids seemed to have a strong preference for one over the other.

We also enjoyed a good response to our displays which included the Rubik's Cube Solver that Charles brought as well as a town and train display with modules from Chris, Le and Pete. The normally reliable cube solver had a rough day, either due to the sunlight, cold or both. Nevertheless, it managed to successfully solve the cube a handful of times and generated lots of conservation.

The town and train layout also generated a lot of questions and conversations and our guests enjoyed finding all the little details sprinkled about. While there were a wide variety of trains on display throughout the day, it seemed as though Thomas stole the show. We even had one little visitor pull up a chair to keep an eye on things.

Overall, this was another great show and we really appreciated being invited back to this unique setting.

More Normal-Palooza photos.