NormalPalooza - November 7, 2015

Post date: Nov 27, 2015 4:57:1 PM

The Tennessee Valley LEGO Club participated in our 4th annual NormalPalooza this year on a rainy November Saturday. This was the first year weather turned out to be an issue so the event was moved indoors. Despite the gloomy conditions outside, we had a great time and a good turnout. The Knoxville and Nashville chapters turned out to support the event with a train layout and a varied collection of MOCs. As usual, we set out a play area and enjoyed seeing kids add their creations to the display area.

Marty's micro castle, which was soon identified as a putt putt course by a 6yo in attendance...

Katie's detailed house boat

Marty's bee & flower

Jenni's Chinese restaurant with full interior

Marty's raptor mech

Jackson the train conductor