BrickFair, AL - February 3-4

Post date: Feb 13, 2018 5:44:28 AM

TNVLC returned to Alabama for the 7th annual BrickFair Convention! This year, more than 20 members converged on the BJCC in downtown Birmingham and entertained 6000+ public visitors over the weekend.

This year's show was about the same size as last year, but the quality of displays seemed higher overall. Every chapter was represented but the Nashville group's growing presence was definitely felt, both on the collaborative layout and elsewhere throughout the exhibit hall. We were also excited to debut our new club logo which better reflects the regional nature of the club with a brick for each of the 3 chapters.

This year we also got to enjoy a large collection of lit MOCs which made World of Lights particularly inspiring. Doug's castle layout was amazing, the collaborative town layout was well lit, Faustino showed up with a huge assortment of lit vehicles and the club's collaborative Henley Street Bridge put on a show as well.

Club members were honored to be nominated for 9 awards this year with Mike's micropolis scale house from Up! taking home the Best "Tiny Little Thing" and the club's Henley Street Bridge collaboration taking home a Staff Favorite award! For more picture, see below or visit our Flickr page!

A small sampling of Faustino's vehicle collection which he brought down for his first BrickFair, AL!

Ed posing in front of his entertaining (and growing) amusement park.

David, the Habitat guru...

Sean posing with a few of his vehicles.

Kelly and her adorable Brickheadz!

Willie and Yvette sharing their superhero maxifigs.

Chris was gracious enough to coordinate our collaborative display this year!

Caleb keeping an eye on his Sylvari.

Doug brought his huge castle creation and teamed up with a few other to create a mind boggling medieval diorama.

Jenni, Mike, John and Judy having fun at one of the games.

The Joy's amazing steampunk/town layout and Jenni doing her best to look thoroughly annoyed at having to pose for a photograph.

Bill discussing the finer points of Arduino controlled lighting solutions...

Pete taking a break from programming to pose behind the bridge.