Event reports from previous TNVLC shows.

LEGO Weekend at EarlyWorks Children’s Museum

posted Apr 30, 2021, 1:27 PM by Marty Mitchell

Our Huntsville chapter presented its first public show for 2021 as part of the LEGO Mania Weekend event at EarlyWorks Children’s Museum April 16-19. Visitors enjoyed a wide variety of LEGO displays and interactive play opportunities during the special event, with displays from our members showcasing Space, Castle, Micropolis, Mario, and our collaborative town and train layout. Covid precautions kept the crowds safe and manageable, but our members were delighted to be able to share their creations with the public again. The show was a great success and very popular with museum visitors, with sold out time slot tickets for the Saturday and Sunday hours. We hope to partner with EarlyWorks again for more LEGO fun in the future!

Atomic City Invitational, Oak Ridge - January 19

posted Jan 30, 2019, 8:17 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 16, 2019, 10:54 AM ]

We returned for the second year to the Atomic City Invitational held at Jefferson Middle School in Oak Ridge, TN. The Invitational is an event for First Lego League robotics teams, in which they can attempt the year's challenge mission outside of their official regional competition.

19 First Lego League Teams participated in the event, made up of over 100 children with their coaches and parents, for a total attendance of over 250 people.

This year's event gave event participants the opportunity to submit their own Great Ball Contraption module! For the first time, we were able to include two student-submitted modules in the layout!

In addition to the outstanding student submissions, our Great Ball Contraption display included 15 modules made by five club members. Five club members were on hand at the even to run the GBC and answer questions from attendees and event participants.

The event concluded with an awards ceremony, during which Eric Hartye, the Knoxville chapter secretary, presented an award to the team who submitted the best Great Ball Contraption module.

Fantasy of Trees, Knoxville - November 19-24

posted Dec 16, 2018, 1:37 AM by TNVLC Admin   [ updated Dec 20, 2018, 12:51 PM ]

We returned for the third year in a row to Knoxville's Fantasy of Trees, a great fundraiser for East Tennessee Children's Hospital and a holiday tradition for folks all over the East Tennessee Region. This year, the event had over an astounding 63,000 attendees--with about half being kids 12 and under! 

Our display was back in the entrance hall, greeting visitors on their way to the convention floor! Our 100% LEGO tree returned, complete with ornaments and freshly flocked. The tree is built from just a handful of different parts, primarily the classic 2x4 brick in green, and contains over 20,000 pieces. 20 club members participated this year in the construction, with a team of 11 handling the setup of the tree and assorted displays. Check out the pictures below, and you'll see the results speak for themselves! 

The hospital enjoyed another successful fundraiser, and we're already looking forward to next year!

Eric Hartye's light-up Toy Robot:

Marty Mitchell's "Dad Tie":

Michelle Donahue's Gingerbread houses. Clay England's winter modular. Winter Village Fire Station from the event team build lead by Stuart Greenfield:

Winter Village by Andy Bliss:

BrickBlast, Nashville - November 17-18

posted Dec 16, 2018, 1:29 AM by TNVLC Admin   [ updated Dec 16, 2018, 7:12 PM ]

On November 17th and 18th the Nashville chapter of TNVLC presented the third annual BrickBlast at the downtown branch of the Nashville Public Library.

We expanded yet again, keeping the large conference room for displays with separate rooms for games and play brick. The LEGO escape room activity, new this year, was a hit along with old favorites like Bingo, trivia, Minecraft build and Speed Champions races. We had 22 club members on hand representing all 3 chapters and entertained over 500 visitors.

As the library moves BrickBlast closer to Christmas each year it's developing a definite Christmas vibe including Michelle's ornate Gingerbread Houses.

New members mean new ideas and our custom BrickHeadz are continually multiplying thanks to Brian. 

Kelli's Princesses are a very popular alternative for some people to all the trains.

Doug's castle layout grows and grows, and becomes more detailed and funny each year.

David's Christmas ornaments are a fun display to show people how they can make small creations at home.

The Vancouver Library showed up on our collaborative train table, increasing the different ideas we can get in one display. We've loved having Dwayne join us this year and explain how different other LUGs' collaborative train displays can be.

Railfest, Chattanooga - September 8-9

posted Dec 16, 2018, 1:13 AM by TNVLC Admin

We returned to Railfest this year in Chattanooga, TN, the site of our first out of town exhibit. Bill and Charles made the trip, representing the Huntsville chapter of the Tennessee Valley LEGO Club and entertained over 900 public visitors.

This was a fun event and the other model railroaders embraced and welcomed us with open arms. While not tending to the exhibit there were also full sized, steam-powered passenger trains to ride! We're really thankful for the opportunity to participate in this event and encourage all train fans to check out the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and Railfest!

BrickUniverse, Knoxville - August 24-26

posted Dec 16, 2018, 1:03 AM by TNVLC Admin

BrickUniverse returned to Knoxville for another amazing convention and public expo! This year's crowd exceeded 5000 public visitors and saw the return of several artists from last year as well as a larger presence from TNVLC. We were even given a prime location this year, right at the entrance to the convention floor!

We again had a strong showing from the club with members from Nashville and Huntsville making the trip and a large portion of the Knoxville chapter exhibiting. There were amazing exhibits all around with another town/train layout, a larger GBC area, robotics demonstrations and MOC tables spanning multiple themes. We also partnered with the Titanic Museum of Pigeon Forge on a scavenger hunt that turned out to be a great hit with the public!

Heroes & Villains, Nashville - May 11-13

posted Dec 16, 2018, 12:42 AM by TNVLC Admin   [ updated Dec 16, 2018, 12:42 AM ]

Heros and Villians/ Walker Stalker Nashville 2018 was a success! The number of attendees was about 20,000. Our tables received a lot of visitors and the children had a wonderful time with the play brick. We received lots of comments from parents thanking us for being there and being so kind to the children. Many children were happy to show us many interesting creations. Our display theme was Heroes vs Zombies, it went over well and everone saw something different. Big thanks to everyone that helped with the many aspects of the event such as contribution of lego table displays, put up of display and breakdown of tables and monitoring our display. It was great!!!!

Brickapalooza, Huntsville - June 2-3

posted Jul 1, 2018, 9:11 PM by TNVLC Admin   [ updated Jul 1, 2018, 9:12 PM ]

Continuing our long relationship with the Huntsville Madison County Library system, 
TNVLC's Huntsville chapter held our annual summer show at the downtown branch of the Library. About 20 members from the Huntsville and Nashville chapters put together a show that included a "T" shaped collaborative build of town and train, some very nice mechanical mocs and some custom rocket builds. LEGO bingo, and our Books & Bricks and Minecraft build events were well attended. The stay and play area and build your own racer area were favorites as well. This year we had a few tables in a corner where we were rebuilding some kits that were damaged in transport. Suprisingly, that turned out to be a big draw for visitors. We did not make much progress, but people really enjoyed helping us build.

MineCraft Maestros
We had 18 kids and one dad build minecraft modules that were then assembled into a giant display and added to the show Saturday afternoon. Our builders really enjoyed pointing out which part they built to friends and family.

BrickFair, AL - February 3-4

posted Feb 12, 2018, 9:44 PM by TNVLC Admin   [ updated Feb 12, 2018, 10:08 PM ]

TNVLC returned to Alabama for the 7th annual BrickFair Convention! This year, more than 20 members converged on the BJCC in downtown Birmingham and entertained 6000+ public visitors over the weekend.

This year's show was about the same size as last year, but the quality of displays seemed higher overall. Every chapter was represented but the Nashville group's growing presence was definitely felt, both on the collaborative layout and elsewhere throughout the exhibit hall. We were also excited to debut our new club logo which better reflects the regional nature of the club with a brick for each of the 3 chapters.

This year we also got to enjoy a large collection of lit MOCs which made World of Lights particularly inspiring. Doug's castle layout was amazing, the collaborative town layout was well lit, Faustino showed up with a huge assortment of lit vehicles and the club's collaborative Henley Street Bridge put on a show as well.

Club members were honored to be nominated for 9 awards this year with Mike's micropolis scale house from Up! taking home the Best "Tiny Little Thing" and the club's Henley Street Bridge collaboration taking home a Staff Favorite award! For more picture, see below or visit our Flickr page!

A small sampling of Faustino's vehicle collection which he brought down for his first BrickFair, AL!

Ed posing in front of his entertaining (and growing) amusement park.

David, the Habitat guru...

Sean posing with a few of his vehicles.

Kelly and her adorable Brickheadz!

Willie and Yvette sharing their superhero maxifigs.

Chris was gracious enough to coordinate our collaborative display this year!

Caleb keeping an eye on his Sylvari.

Doug brought his huge castle creation and teamed up with a few other to create a mind boggling medieval diorama.

Jenni, Mike, John and Judy having fun at one of the games.

The Joy's amazing steampunk/town layout and Jenni doing her best to look thoroughly annoyed at having to pose for a photograph.

Bill discussing the finer points of Arduino controlled lighting solutions...

Pete taking a break from programming to pose behind the bridge.

Fantasy of Trees, Knoxville - November 22-26

posted Dec 20, 2017, 4:41 PM by TNVLC Admin

We returned for the second year in a row to Knoxville's Fantasy of Trees, a great fundraiser for East Tennessee's Children's Hospital and a holiday tradition for over 50,000 from around the East Tennessee region. This year we were moved into the exhibit hall right next to the information desk which meant we were one of the first displays to greet visitors to the event!
Our 100% LEGO tree returned, complete with ornaments and this year added a Christmas train and ice sculpture gallery. The tree is build from just a handful of different parts, primarily the classic 2x4 brick in green, and contains over 20,000 pieces. The display earned lots of positive comments over the week but more importantly, the hospital enjoyed another successful fundraiser which pushed the 30 year total to over $7 million raised!

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