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BrickBlast, December 13-14, 2014

posted Sep 10, 2014, 8:24 PM by TNVLC Admin   [ updated Dec 11, 2014, 2:51 PM ]
This is a new venue, a new event and a new name! With the loss of Southerland Station, we're moving to a new venue which is a big milestone for the club since that's where it all started way back in December of 2007. While we'll miss our friends at Southerland, this is a big step up for us in terms of available space which will make this the largest LEGO show Huntsville has ever seen!

Here's what we're planning:
Town & Train
Great Ball Contraption
Rocket City Junior Club
Bingo, pics with Emmett, Santa & Mrs Claus, plus other events and giveaways for the public

This will be a ticketed event and all proceeds after expenses will be donated to the Making Connections Autism Spectrum Disorder Networking Group.

Trinity United Methodist Church Gym
607 Airport Rd SW
Huntsville, AL 35802

Public Hours
Saturday, Dec 13: 9AM - 5PM (9AM - 10AM: Making Connections hour)
Sunday, Dec 14: noon - 5PM

Friday, Dec 12: 9AM - 10PM

Sunday, Dec 14: 5PM - 10PM

Town & Train

Bill: 1 table, GoPro train cam
Caleb: 1 table
Charles: 10 tables, trains, controllers, posts, chain, track for Le, 3 straight tracks for Chris
Chris: 3 tables, business cards
Jennifer: 1 table
Le: 1 table (minus track)
Pete: 12 tables, black table skirt, banners, extension cords, power strips, trains
Brian & Melissa: 2 tables, black table skirt, trains

Matt & Lisa: Engine shed for Pete

This is a new theme which Jennifer is coordinating. Please let her know if you're going to contribute!
Follow this link for the standard and check this one out for some other neat ideas.

Great Ball Contraption
This theme seems to be gaining momentum. Please let Charles know if you plan on contributing.
Follow this link for the standard.

Got a robotic themed MOC? Let Bill or Renee know!

We'll have lots of MOC space this year. Contact Caleb Ellett if you have a MOC you'd like to display!

Also needed:
Tables for MOCs, etc...
TVs for Train Cam, slideshows
Slideshow content: Pics of MOCs, stop motion projects, etc...

BrickBlast Floorplan