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Fantasy of Trees - November 23-27, 2016

posted Dec 13, 2016, 7:46 PM by TNVLC Admin   [ updated Dec 13, 2016, 7:49 PM ]

This year we had the awesome opportunity to participate in Knoxville's annual "Fantasy of Trees" event which supports the East Tennessee Children's Hospital. This year saw in excess of 60,000 visitors and raised over $400,000 for the hospital! The event features a convention center full of decorated Christmas trees, ginger bread houses and other assorted holiday activities and we were offered a prime spot on the main thoroughfare.

To fit in with the theme of the event we elected to build a life-size Christmas tree complete with ornaments and presents, all out of LEGO bricks and no kragle! Over a dozen members from the Knoxville and Nashville chapters pitched in and in about a month's time we were able to complete the 6' tree and all the trimmings.

Over the years we've gained a lot of experience transporting models, but this one felt different. Despite extra precautions, we found out why when we arrived on site...



Fortunately it went back together fairly quickly and survived the entire week on display without a problem. It drew a lot of attention and we received a bunch of positive comments on it but mostly we were all just very happy to be able to support such a great event.